TV Head ('11 Fall TV)

The Emmy Awards was on Sunday. Did you watch? I sure did. It's my favorite award show. Yep, over the Oscars, Grammys, MTV Video Awards, etc.

I love TV shows. Sorry, I should state that I love scripted TV shows. Reality shows are not my thing. I watch a couple of episodes then I get bored and annoyed. The only kind of reality shows I love are reality-competition shows - "Project Runway", "The Voice", "The Amazing Race", etc. Anywho, back to the Emmys. Jane Lynch hosted and I guess I can say she did a fair job. She wasn't no Ellen or Conan. Shoo, she wasn't even no Jimmy Fallon! At one point, I kind of zoned out. There were some memorable moments like, in the opener when Jane ran into the "Mad Men" cast. iLaugh. The ladies nominated in the Best Actress in a Comedy Series going up on stage as their names were called pageant style. This was led by Amy Poehler. Loved it. One of my favorite current shows, "Modern Family", cleaning house (yay Phil and Claire!). "The Office" skit was very funny. Kyle Chandler getting his due. Peter Dinklage winning. That's about it.

Fashion wise? The color of the night was red. The end. 

Anywho, since the '11-'12 NBA season is looking like it might don't make it *silently weeps*, I can focus my attention on the Fall TV. There are a bunch of shows that look very cool and/or interesting. Since I already have a packed TV schedule (with my fav shows coming back and also catching up on some shows...ex. I'm on Season 3 of "Dexter" and Season 2 of "Breaking Bad"), I can only add just a few new shows to my list:

1) "Person of Interest" - Being a Lostie for life, I have to support Michael Emerson, he of Ben Linus fame. I can overlook Taraji being in it. There's just something about her that's annoying. I can see myself already disliking her character. Ah well. And of course, Jesus James Caviezel is it. You can't turn your back on Jesus. Besides that, the concept of the show is intruiging. The premiere is on 09/22 at 9pm on CBS.

Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie
2) "Pan Am" - The trailer held my attention. Besides, I want to see how Christina Ricci holds up. Also, for some odd reason, this show reminds me of how much I was obsessed with "American Dreams", a great TV show based in the '60s that was cancelled way too soon. Damn you, NBC! And long live Meg and Sam! *crickets* *awkward silence* Ahem. Moving along. "Pan Am" premieres on Sunday, 09/25 at 10pm on ABC.

3) "America's Next Top Model" - I can't even remember the last time I watched this show. Tyra Banks and her constant, unfailing need to make it all about herself. I couldn't take it any more. Earlier this year, I read rumors in some entertainment magazines that the next cycle was going to be an All-Star edition. I thought to myself that if this really happens, I will tune in. we are. Even though I was kinda bummed that no one from Cycle 3 is on it, I still have some ladies on there I can root for (Lisa and Bre). The show comes on every Wednesdays at 8pm on CW.

What new show are you going to watch?

Until next time...