CapFABB Style Challenge: Leather

This is CapFABB's very first style challenge. The subject at hand: leather. I would have loved to participate in this challenge by actually, you know, WEARING leather (real or faux). But all I own is a faux leather jacket from Target. I mean, I could have done something with it but I wasn't really in the mood to wear it these past couple of days. Anywho, hopefully soon, I will own a nice, real leather item (preferably, a skirt). And I know exactly the place I will purchase it. Hi, Leather Cult.

Luckily for me, I can also participate by creating an outfit set using Polyvore. I went with three looks. Two looks are quite dressy while the other is a bit low key. I tried to show in the low key look that a leather skirt can be dressed down...with a twist. Funny enough, I just noticed all the items I selected can be interchangeable to create new outfits. Cool beans.