For Old Times Sake

It's 5:54am and it took me about an hour to go through my entire tumblr page. True story, when I finally decided to start a style blog, I chose to use tumblr as my platform. That lasted for about two weeks. *chuckles* To me, tumblr is more of an online inspirational board. After more of a year using it, it's still my inspirational board mixed with some funny memes and videos. Instead, I came over to blogspot to kick start my style blog and well, the rest is history.

Here are a bunch of outfit posts from Tumblr. These pictures were taken almost two years ago (EEK!), '10. With one being almost THREE years ago! *faints*

Favorite colors: 1) purple 2) YELLOW 3) Navy blue
Dress: Old Navy, Purse: Michael Kors, Belt: Lane Bryant, Shoes: store in Costa Rica

Denim never goes outta style!
Dress/Purse: Target, Vest: thrifted (Levi's), Shoes: Avenue
The most common (and safe) way to mix prints.
Top: H&M, Skirt: Target, Earrings: vintage, Necklace:  Forever 21

I wore this to a wedding in ATL.
Dress/Bag: vintage, Necklace: Forever 21

Representin' my favorite two colors!
Cardigan: Target, Dress/Belt: vintage, Shoes: store in Costa Rica, Purse: Forever 21

Dots + Flowers
Cardigan: Target, Dress: Old Navy, Purse: Aldo, Necklace: Forever21

Taken '09.
Aseobi for my BFF's wedding
Dress: custom made (Idia Designs), Belt: Lane Bryant, Shoes: Payless, Purse: vintage (Givenchy)

Once again, for someone who's not a fan of pink, I sure do wear the color a lot. (._.)

Christmas is this Sunday. I'm sure everyone is uber excited. Me? Sunday is the start of the 2011-12  National Basketball Association Season. *raises the roof* *dougies* *multiple air humps* That's what I'm uber excited about. (^_^)

Have a great weekend everyone! Make it a safe and fashionable one.

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