On My Radar

I've been stalking the site for this skirt ever since I saw it in their look book. 
I mean, it just had to be mine.
Despite the scuba material, it's really light. Perfect for any season, really.
Ever since my review of their relaunch, I've been very impressed with Eloquii's selection.
Other recent purchases: this, this, and this.

It's been awhile since I've showed you guys my recently purchased stuff. And by recently I mean the past few months.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Dress with Asymmetric Hem in Vintage Floral
Last worn here.
I don't know why this asymmetric hem floral dress had a hold on me for the past year. 
Actually, I do know why.
Because ASOS took a long ass time for it to go on sale.
While wearing the dress on top of a mountain wasn't the ideal choice (damn near flashing people left and right because of the wind), it's pretty much perfect for a festival.
Which it's where I intend to wear it.
ASOS Winter Floral top
For a boxy take, I went a couple sizes up.
Also, the word 'winter floral' is not going to stop me from wearing this in the Spring.
Alice & You Floral Print T-Shirt and Alice & You Floral Print Wrap Skirt (sold out)
I'm still a sucker for a set. But, yo, I'm so tired of seeing a crop top set.
Like, tired.
This set from ASOS Curve was one of the few that didn't come with a crop top.
Women's Plus Old Navy Active Sports Bra
Trying to get back to my workout routine. And that all starts with the right fitting sports bra.
My take on this one? So far, so good. It holds up the DD girls pretty well. 

Peplum Biker Jacket
This nude is more like light pink. Also, it's a tad snug so I'd suggest going a size up.
The girly take on a classic motorcycle/biker jacket was just too cute not to bring home.
Catwalk Collection Brogue Boot
This can still work in the Spring time, right?
I'm trying to convince myself here since this was purchased during one of those snow days.
(Always blame the snow.)
Well, Spring weather has finally arrived.
Whatever. I'm sure it'll get cold again soon.
I ordered a size up and that turned out to be a great decision.
Fits like a charm with ample room in the calf area.

Thrifting is on my radar, too, since it's been a while. I miss it.