LuminoCity Festival

How's your holiday season going so far? Over here, I've been good. There've been days I want to chillax at home (and those days are plenty). And then, there are days when I want to head out to see and experience unique places and things.

One such place which has piqued my interest: LuminoCity Festival. It's an immersive light festival and this year's theme is "Shine Again!" A lot of meanings behind the theme given the past two years, no? Anywho, it features hundreds of light sculptures ready to provide joy during this holiday season.

There are two locations - Manhasset, NY (NYC area) and Vienna, VA (Washington, DC area). Admission tickets are for ages 3 and up ($22-$32+). Plus opportunities to purchase parking tickets ($5+) and even upgrade with VIP tickets which includes added perks ($66+).

Honestly, I think it'll be a fun date night or group activity with friends, co-workers, or family. The last day to see the festival in VA is January 2, 2022.

Let's all go!

*photos c/o LuminoCity Festival