Dash of Jungle

Event: Bridal Shower (3x)
Where: DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia)

That's right folks.

Three bridal showers.

In one day.

The 1st in Virginia, 2nd in Maryland and, finally, 3rd in DC. My sis and I goes hard in the paint, yo! Anywho, the skirt has always been a win. It's lightweight, sheer and has like this peach color going for it. When I was trying to put an outfit together, I was getting a bit frustrated. As piles and piles of clothes heaped on my bed, I saw a glimpse of hope. The skirt laid haphazardly on top of the cheetah top. It meshed so well together. I'm like, d'oh!, how come I never thought of this before. It would've worked so well with a grey chunky cardigan but me don't have a grey chunky cardigan. Which is a bit of surprise to me considering how many cardigans I own. Instead, I opted for my always-comes-in-handy navy blue blazer.

Blazer/Blouse: vintage
Skirt: ASOS
Belt/Booties: Torrid
Tights: We Love Colors
Earrings: vintage
Necklace: Aldo
Bracelet: H&M

p.s. I need some kinda ending statement, no? "Take care, folks!" or "Thanks for stopping by!" or something that doesn't teeter on the cheesy side of life. I'll think of something.