MTV Video Music Awards '16

Bao Tranchi
Nicki Minaj in Bao Tranchi
The dress is kinda suspect but Nicki Minaj looked so pretty last night.
This shade of blue works on her. Also, the sleek middle part ebony hair.

Look. Of late, in terms of music award shows, I've only been here for the BET Awards and BET Hip-Hop Awards. Both have been very entertaining for me since about, say, 2012/2013. At most. But clearly, this post ain't about those award shows. It's about MTV and their music award show.

It was okay. You know what made it somewhat enjoyable? Twitter. 


Waxing studio in Bethesda, MD

Cera Wax Studio is located in Bethesda, MD. The studio specializes in all things waxing. And on a balmy evening, myself along with fellow DC area bloggers had the opportunity to try out their complimentary services thanks to the host, Angelica of Angelica in the City.


DC Luxury Apartment Complex

You know how some folks just have that lucky streak? The person in your life that steady wins a radio contest or a giveaway contest or money prizes. I know quite a few. Damn. Teach me your winning ways, though, I say to them. I'm not one of those lucky streak people. I don't fall into that category. Well, I feel like I don't fall into that category.

But on some random ass day in some random ass month, Ms. Lucky Luck stops by. I'm sure she felt pity and was like, "Hey. You know what? It's your turn."