Clear Blue Sky


Yeah. Almost three weeks away in blogsville land is a long-ass time. But, as many of you already know, I don't respond well to Summer.

Bad Boy. Come Out and Play.


Aaah. The 2015 BET Awards. "But where's the recap, Vivi", you ask. Or not. Well, as I stated last year in my very first BET Awards recap post, it's all about the red carpet for me when it comes to giving a next day commentary. Unfortunately, this year's offering was all kinds of meh. Except for Ciara. Maybe. But, yeah, I was not inspired do a proper recap.

Ciara in Wes Gordon

The Curvy Con '15


I've been to a couple of conferences since starting this blog (IFB in '11 and LuckyFABB in '13). Might as well attend another one, right? (Whoa. And it seems I go every 2 years, as well. *mind blown*)

Out of Town


This past weekend in NYC was absolutely so much fun! But before I get to exactly why I was in NYC and why it was so much fun, let's take a closer look at my travel outfit.