Neon Streaks


Y'know, despite retailers trying desperately to convince us that the next holiday after Halloween is Christmas, Thanksgiving Day was this past Thursday. How was your holiday? I spent the day with my family (minus the dad and the bro; both are back home in Nigeria). Then afterwards, the sis and I went to visit a friend who's heading out of the country. So a really chill day. The holiday weekend was also pretty chill, as well. I didn't participate in any shopping. Which is, like, a first for me during this period. Yeah...that's about it, really.

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, I can fully begin to immerse myself into the Christmas spirit. Truthfully, I've kinda been in the spirit for a while. It doesn't help that I listen to PTXmas all year long. And when their following Christmas album, That's Christmas to Me, was released on my birthday (#1021), I've been listening, nonstop.

Me near alcoholic beverages. Of course.

Uptown Funk


Just a couple of days ago, I was thinking to myself how much I've missed Bruno Mars. I mean, yeah, I could listen to his music and watch his videos anytime I want. But, like, I've missed him being on the scene. Well, he's back. And this time with Mark Ronson.

Red Sprinkle's Pop-up Beauty Lounge


I recently was asked to be a Glambassador for Red Sprinkle's upcoming event and I happily took up the role. I've been in attendance at their inaugural event and last year's event; had a great time at both. Also, I've been a fan of their philanthropic work, Red Sprinkle Fashion Camp. Fashion Camp is a program that explores the great world of fashion by teaching all participants how to turn their interest in this field into a lucrative profession. The program lays out the foundation needed for future success in the fashion industry.