Dopeciety Trunk Show

I met Denisio for the first time at a  Violet Boutique event a couple years back. I remember being drawn to her color gems embellished skirt. I approached her asking where she purchased the skirt and was surprised to find out that she actually made the skirt. Talk about talent! So when 8-Vintage (a collaboration with Krystin) and, later on, Dopeciety popped up on the scene, I wasn't surprised Denisio was behind it. Her love for all things vintage and unique were clearly on display through her two companies.

While 8-Vintage is no more, Dopeciety is still here and hotter than ever.


Denisio is taking her talents and Dopeciety to New Orleans. She will be missed here in the DC area. To celebrate, she organized a trunk show at Nubian Hueman located inside of the Anacostia Arts Center. Dopeciety fits right at home in Nubian Hueman, which features ethnic fashion apparel, accessories, and beauty brands, along with art of all mediums. The cool thing about Nubian Hueman is that they select talented designers who injects ethnic influences and traditional patterns into their modern silhouettes and products.

Denisio mentioned that besides offering ready-made apparel, Dopeciety will be open to customized orders - in any size! That's a huge plus (pun intended) for myself because there were a lot of cute skirt sets I was eyeing and secretly wishing it came in my size. And above all, it will still house one-of-a-kind vintage wears.

Vintage dress
Remind me of the latest Valentino collection but in white.

I've been definitely hip to Dopeciety as you can see below:

1231 Good Hope Road SE 
Washington, DC 20020 


Fia's Fabulous Finds

For the past couple of months, I always get an e-mail from Fia's Fabulous Finds about their VIP Fill a Bag for $20 Basement Sale. Each and every time, I make a mental note to go but then something or another comes up (And that would be just me being lazy). This time around, I finally got the chance to go. It also helps that it's pretty close to my workplace. 

Fia's Fabulous Finds is an upscale consignment boutique offering quality brand name ladies' clothing and accessories. These items are gently used but in impeccable condition. From outside, it looks fairly small but once you enter inside you'll see three fairly sizable rooms filled with clothing, shoes, and accessories. There is also a dressing room. And, of course, the basement where the Fill a Bag for $20 event is usually held. 

I had the opportunity of chatting with Fia who, despite being heavily pregnant, was all energy and smiles. She's very passionate about vintage, a hobby that soon became her livelihood. While she is a boutique owner, she's also an event planner on the side. 

This will not be the last time I visit Fia's Fabulous Finds. I did manage to cop a few items at the event that I'm pretty sure you'll see on this blog fairly soon. The only bummer about Fia's is the lack of plus size items. The sizes it currently offers is 0-16, XS-XXL. And even the size 16s/XXLs were few and far between. I asked her why this was the case and she explained that she looks hard for plus size items but has yet to find any that's a good fit for her store. She's definitely open to plus size customers bringing in their current, gently used items so she can have a look. And if she likes what she sees, she'll buy it from you! I mean, Fia's Fabulous Finds is a consignment store, after all. 

Fia's Fabulous Finds
806 Upshur Street NW
Washington, DC 20011
Monday: By Appointment Only
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-6pm


O Canada

I've always wanted to hit up Toronto during the Caribana weekend and I finally got my chance to do so. My friends and I decided to make it a road trip. From NJ to Toronto is roughly 7hrs. Getting to upstate NY was a breeze. But once we got "close" to the Canadian border, it was a wrap. Our road trip ballooned to 9-10hrs. Coming back was even worse because of the torrential downpour throughout our ride. But we made it safely both ways and that's all that matters.

We stopped by Niagra Falls, on the Ontario side. I was completely blown away by the beauty of Niagra Falls. Mother Nature at its best, I swear. We hopped on a cruise that took us in front of the Falls, around the Falls, and, finally, right through the damn Falls! I was giddy the whole time. 

Ready to get soaked.

Drawing close to the heavy mist from one of the waterfall.


After that excursion, we made our way to Toronto aka T Dot aka Drake's city. It was my first time visiting and I liked what I saw. Toronto kinda reminded me of a laid back NYC. I like to add that Toronto is very diverse. Anywho, since this was a short trip, I didn't get a chance to partake in tourist-y things (I was looking forward to checking out the CN Tower but instead I had to eye it from a distance.) 

The festival was a lot of fun. Even with a fence wrapped around the whole boulevard, I still manage to capture the festival's vibe. It was hot-n-humid so anytime I saw a bit of shade, I practically ran to it. The islands definitely represented but at one point there was a float playing Nigerian music. Also someone was waving a Nigerian flag. That made me smile. Nigerians: We everywhere. 

It was a great weekend, overall. I would love to go back and get my tourist on. And especially to visit folks up there including Assa. Assa tried her best to come see me but my schedule was all kinds of wack due to traffic, traffic, and more traffic. During my stay, she kept in contact with me to make sure all was well on my end. So nice of her!

To view more photos from my trip click here.


Shimmer & Fringe

Dress: thrift (similar here, here, and here)
Heels: New Look (similar here, here and here)

I had the pleasure of attending my fellow blogger's, Shella, wedding over the weekend. I went with Elle. The location was at the breathtaking Oheka Castle located in Huntington, NY (Long Island area). The scenery was gorgeous, marvelous, everything and more. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was lively and very fun. Met some great folks. I had a blast.

Given the location and the theme for the night, I went with my all-time favorite thrifted dress (previously worn here). Regarding accessories and footwear, I just went with black and gold. 

I'm hoping to put up more photos of the venue later this week. So be on the look out!


Sunday Events

Event: The Urban Marketplace (TUM)
Where: The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, UMD, College Park, MD.
Summary: Not a stranger to TUM (check out my '11 recap here), I decided to check it out again mainly because my dear friend was a vendor. More about her business later. My experience at TUM was pretty similar to the last time I attended the event: lots of cool vendors, a nice sizable crowd, and a great swag bag to take home. I also ran into a number of bloggers - Stella of Jadore-Fashion, Chi Chi of Supple Chic, and Nife of Skinny Hipster. There was a vendor whose clothing rack caught my eye. It was filled with cute ruffle crop tops made from ankara material. The maxi skirt she was rockin', also made from ankara material, caught my eye, too. She mentioned that she was also selling the skirts. I later realized that I was talking to Eni of Enibaby4 and was checking out her clothing collection, Puksies Wardrobe

Like I mentioned, I came to support my friend, Funmi, an independent consultant with Usborne Book Sales. USB provides books at affordable prices that are geared towards the ever-growing child. The books are fun to read and most importantly, educational. It comes in a variety of subjects and different activities to keep the child engaged. Yes, I'm definitely not within the age range of which these books are for but when one sees a fashion coloring book, one must take it home for herself. Simple. But, really, Usborne Books are for 9 months to high school years. I highly recommend the books. Also, Funmi loves what the books are doing for her son, who just turned 2 years old on Sunday! For more information please click here

Funmi with her books. 

My sis checking out the selection.
Event: Yelp's 10 Year Anniversary Event
Where: Anacostia Arts Center, DC
Summary: I couldn't stay long at the TUM event because I had to quickly make my way to DC for Yelp's big shindig to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I met up with Elle and also ran into Kristin and Trisha. Yelp went all out with the vendors, so we sampled so many different types of food, drinks, alcohol and engaged ourselves in activities including a Paint Bar (create a small painting) and Flower Bar (create your own bouquet). But my favorite of all was definitely making faces at their two photos booths c/o Snap Fiesta and Photo-matica. The DJ definitely cranked out some great ol' dance tunes. I had a wonderful time.

What I Wore:
Dress: thrift
Wedges: Avenue
Gettin' my Picasso on c/o of Creative Carousal

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