Bundled Up

Embroidered Bomber Jacket

A little outerwear inspiration for not only you but, really, for myself. Cause I gotta step up my game in this department.


Christmas Gift Shopping
1. Record Coasters here
2. Owl Eyeglasses Holder here
3. Birthstone Wishing Balls here
4. Crimson Heart Umbrella here
5. City Map Glasses here

I'm quite the procrastinator. This person right here waits until the day before Christmas to hastily purchase gifts. I know, I know. Even with so many stores online at my fingertips, I still take my sweet ol' time. Shame!

So don't be like me and wait last minute to find the best personal gifts possible. Be ahead of the curve and start shopping now.

A great place to start is UncommonGoods.

Pike & Rose: ShopHouse Kitchen

Pike & Rose

It's nice to know there are so many great dining spots opening up around my area and beyond. It's not all the time I gotta make the hike to DC for some quick good food.

Such is the case with ShopHouse Kitchen at Pike & Rose.

AMAs '16

Since I don't have a favorite look from the red carpet,
I'll just go with my favorite photo of the night.
Travis Barker and his grown-ass kids.
OMWord. I used to watch his MTV show, Meet the Barkers, faithfully.
We're all getting old!

So yeah, American Music Awards 2016 was televised last night and it was boring as fuck. Not good. Not bad. Not entertaining. Just straight up boring. And it was only yesterday when I realized it's a 3 hour show. By hour 2, I was thisclose to tapping out.

But still gonna bring you the recap because it's just something I like to do. Clearly.