Ava Viv


Quite a number of plus size bloggers and plus size women, in general, stopped effin' with Target. 

SAG Awards '15


Lupita Nyong'o in Elie Saab
My pick for best dressed of the night.

You know it's a good awards show when there's plenty of time left over and the winners of the last award of the night, Best Cast in a Movie, has to fill up time by each talking on the mic. 

Golden Globes '15



The year hasn't officially started until the Golden Globes appears on our TV sets (and PCs, phones, tablets...y'know, if you're the streaming type). Also, the Golden Globes jump-starts the awards season. I, for one, am totally excited! I love this type of season. Two months of steady award shows and I'm ready. Absolutely ready.

Shall we begin?



Exactly one year ago today, I posted my '13 recap. Well, it's that time again.

2015. TWENTY-FIFTEEN. Look, ten years ago was 2005. Do you know that 2005 felt like last week? Craziness.