This wall was clearly created for the sole purpose to take photos in front of it. I'm convinced.

All About Comfort


I've tried to become a jeans lover. It's just taking longer than expected. Skirts, dresses...that's easier to wear. I feel more comfortable in those items than in a pair of jeans. Well, something happened a couple months ago. I actually came across a good pair of jeans that are *shocker* comfortable.

The Snooze Bar


Tried the Napping Greyhound drink.

Event: The Snooze Bar
Where: Cady's Alley Bazaar

When one gets an invite to reserve a time slot to eat some waffles, have a drink or two, and then...take a quick nap? Well, you just gotta check the event out.

Billboard Music Awards '15


Kendall Jenner in Balmain x H&M
Yep, you read that right.
The big news yesterday night was the announcement of  H&M's latest designer collab.
Balmain x H&M will be in stores November 5.
Meanwhile, this jacket was definitely inspired by the one Gwen wore a few years back.
Also a Balmain.

Last night's telecast of the Billboard Music Awards 2015 was only enjoyable because of Twitter. The entertainment aspect of the show was alright.