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Event: Africa Underground: After Hours at African Art

One of my favorite paintings of the night. Blue Abyss by Henrique Oliveira

Blazer: Lauren by Ralph Lauren via thrift
Purse/Skirt/Earrings/Belt: thrift
Blouse: Old Navy
Shoes: Avenue
Ring/Bracelet: vendor
Necklace: F21
One of the few (and by few I mean one or two) pics I took of the action. As you can see, it was jam packed. It was difficult to take pictures of the performances.

My sis, Zi, and I along with our good friend, Jessica, went to this inaugural event showcasing the Afro-Brazilian culture. It was a lot of fun. Sold out and it showed. There were so many performances but it was so hard to view (re: take pictures) because of how massive the crowd was. During intermission, we were entertained with music from Africa and Brazil. And of course, can't be at a museum without checking out the collection. I was in awe. Such beautiful, beautiful work. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed myself. After we were done, we decided to check out a film festival going on around the corner. Once we got there, though, it was finished. Instead of heading immediately home, we just took a seat on one of the park benches outside and just gisted the night away while having the Washington Monument as our backdrop. And that was our Friday night.

p.s. Come to find out, Africa Underground will be doing another event this coming May. This time around, it'll be focusing on the Afro-Jamaican culture. So yeah, I will definitely try to hit up that event. Trust. If you're in the DC area or just happen to be visiting during that period, check it out, as well!

Until next time...