And It Was All Yellow

dc style blogger

I've added a new color to my spring nail polish rotation: Need Sunglasses?

I was inspired by Hanh from Life in Travel. She's been rockin' the hell outta her yellow nail polish.  Looking fierce and everything. I said to myself, 'Hey, I can do that, too!' Especially since it's my second favorite color (the first being purple...duh).

So, I set out on a mission to look for one. Honestly, it wasn't really a "mission" because I knew I wanted an OPI since I'm such a stan fan. And luckily for me, my local beauty supply store sells OPI. I walked in and immediately found Need Sunglasses? Here is the result:

(First Photo: l-r) You're Such A Kabuki Queen, Do You Lilac It?, Need Sunglasses?

I needed to apply 3 (three) coats to truly get the effect. Over the weekend, my mom glanced at my fingers and was like, "Hmmm, people won't even look at you when you are talking. They will just be looking at your fingers like you are crazy!" 

Mission accomplished, no?

Have a great & blessed week...while looking fashionable! Until next time...