I Love This Game!

dc style blogger
The 'zoom' button in full effect.

Event: Dallas Mavericks vs. Washington Wizards (NBA game)
Where: Verizon Center

Washington Wizards' mascot, Gee Wiz

The sis and I went to see the Wizards play. The first game I've watched live this season. Like I said before, I gotta step my game up. I can't be a stan fan of the NBA and only have gone to ONE home game this season. That's not right. Anywho, we were in a suite - which was lovely - but we really wanted to be near the court. I don't know...I just like to be where the action is. Right in front of my face. Not in some view where I gotta whip out my camera and press the 'zoom' button multiple times. It was a good game even though the Wizards lost. Afterwards, we walked to a nearby Chinese restaurant to eat. The owner's mother was so fascinated with my lizard ring. She spoke limited English but I understood her well enough. She constantly kept finding ways to come to our table just so she can 'oooh' and 'aaah' at my ring. It was adorable.

Take care!