Easy & Breezy

dc plus size style
Dress: ASOS, Sandals: Torrid, Earrings: vintage

Event: Easter Sunday
Summary: Did everyone enjoy their Sunday? I did. It was just chill-with-the-fam day. I think this is the 1st Easter that we didn't go out to eat. That's like a tradition. I'm sure it'll be picked up again next year. Anywho, at first I was kinda stumped as to what I will be wearing on this day. Then I remembered this maxi dress that I got from ASOS last year. Score. First time wearing it. And I'm glad I did because it was pretty warm that day, too. The dress is so light! The colors - white and pastel - is pretty much the unofficial Easter colors. I think I did good. To offset the light colors, I wanted to go with bright accessories. In comes the purple/green earrings and orange bag (I've had that bag for about 6+ years). Finally, I opted to wear sandals. I know, I know. Platforms/heels would've put this outfit to the next level. But man, I was going for comfort. Comfort. lol. Don't worry, though, next time I'm definitely rocking the heels. 

Have a great & blessed week...while looking fashionable!