I'm On a Boat! I'm On a Boat!

Event: July 4th Brunch Cruise on the Spirit of Washington

Summary: We (the sis and I and Jessica) decided to take our mothers out for brunch. And what better way to have brunch than to sail on a cruise ship over the Potomac River looking at Washington, DC area's historical sites? Our waiter was kinda ditsy but she gained back our love when she performed for us. She has a fantastic voice. She sounds just like Fantasia (winner of American Idol Season 3). Later on, we played a game, 'Name That TV Theme Song'. Our side of the ship lost so we had to perform the chicken dance. Very embarrassing but still made us laugh. All in all, it was a great 2 hours. 

Dress/Purse/Earrings: vintage, Belt: Macy's, Shoes: Avenue, Watch: Michael Kors

Don't you love looking at the background of your picture and seeing some random giving you the side eye?
Meanwhile, my belt unraveled. 

Until next time...