Bawstin and Such

boston skyline
Boston Skyline
Call this the "The Appearance of the Missing Post".

Earlier this month, I took a lil' road trip to Boston to help my family friend, Jessica, move into her new city. She's attending Harvard Business School this Fall. Woop, woop! The ride there wasn't that bad. Kinda shocked, really. Only took about 7hrs. Easily. It was my first time in Boston. I liked what I saw. It was there that I popped my Ikea virginity. That's right folks, I have never...ever...entered an Ikea prior to my visit in Boston. I guess all of those horror stories from my friends kinda intimidated me. Or something. I mean, there's an Ikea less than 10 mins away from my house but I never cared much to go inside. Anywho, I freakin' LOVE it! It's amazing. Absolutely amazing. If not for my phone dying that day, you would've been assaulted by pictures of me posing in beds, twirling in chairs, posing inside decorated rooms. Not a game.

On Boylston Street
Great food at Typhoon.
Charles River. Separates Boston from Cambridge.

Over where I'm at, we're waiting for Irene to come and do its damage. Right at this moment, it's affecting North Carolina. This has been one weird week for me. I had to deal with a flu, experience an earthquake AND an aftershock for the first time *dougies* and finally, about to get it on with a Tropical Storm. Yay me. *blank stare*

For everyone on the East Coast, please...please!!! safe. Don't peek out your window, see that wave and get tempted to surf it. It ain't that deep. Like the NJ governor said at one point (paraphrasing), "It's 4:30pm. You finally got your tan. Get the hell out of Jersey!" Like I said, paraphrasing. All in all, move to higher ground, stock up on the essentials (food and liquor) and just bundle up inside.

Wishing everyone a good and safe weekend!