Viva La Vegas!

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View from Tropicana Hotel

My bad for the lack of posts. It's been, what, more than a week? Whoops. I'm so-o-o-o-o behind in my blog reading. But it was for a good reason! I went on a lil' vacation to Las Vegas for my friend's big birthday weekend.

This was my 2nd time going to Vegas. My first being for the NBA All-Star Weekend way back in '07. That trip was a #wompwomp because I didn't get to see my baby daddy, Carmelo Anthony. I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid. I had so much fun BUT it would have been much more fun...ner (yeah) if I got to hump meet him.

Anywho, this past weekend was AWESOME! Now, what I'm about to say is very cliche and even I roll my eyes when someone says it BUT it pretty much rings true: What Happens in Vegas (BETTER EFFIN') Stay In Vegas. You see what I did there. *winks* Despite the fact that up until that weekend it was meant to be the five of us (me, celebrant and 3 others) and it became only the two of us (me and the celebrant), we still had the time of our lives. Folks dropping like flies were not about to ruin our weekend. Nope. 

I racked my brain trying to figure out how I was going to do my Vegas post. Make it a long-ass post OR make it a week long post OR just make it all about my outfits? After much deliberation (ooh, fancy), I decided to make it a two post event. This post will be all about the sites I got to see while there. The next post will be all about my outfits that I wore.

Cool? Cool.


View from the Imperial Palace at nighttime...
....and daytime.
I played this...and lost. 
Studio Walk at MGM Grand Hotel
It was here that I got $20 for previewing a new show on CBS.
Also here? I got $50 for previewing a new game show on CBS and being a part of a women's focus group.
That was interesting.
Nu Sanctuary. It's off strip. 
I liked the tree bark in the middle of the bar.
Mutilated body parts at Mandalay Bay
License plates bench in front of The House of Blues
Hoover Dam
Laughlin, NV
Went on a tour that not only went to Hoover Dam but also to a casino town. The tour offered free breakfast or lunch buffet. I'll just say it was free for a reason. lolol. Besides that, it was a pretty nice town.
Our hotel (Tropicana) gave us free tickets to the Mob Experience. We weren't allowed to take pictures of this interactive show. Dammit! I so wished I had my phone on me because I would've taken pictures.
This show was a-MAH-zing! My mob name was "Two Guns".
I think it was because of my boobs. 
The Venetian
My pick for best club/lounge of the weekend: Tao at The Venetian
If you look closely, you will see two practically nude females gyrating each other inside a petal filled bathtub.
Monte Carlo
New York New York
Cafe Nikki
Fantastic, scrumptious, finger licking good food! 
Nikki Beach Sunday Pool Party

On to the next one...