Vice...As If Launch Party

(l-r) Genevia, me, Sade
Event: Vice...As If Launch Party
Where: Topaz Bar & Lounge

Summary: I've been a reader of Vice...As If blog for quite some time. Who is behind Vice...As If? Genevia Sawyer and Sade Teyibo, two friends that bonded together over their love of fashion and style. Just like pretty much all the other blogs I subscribe to, I found the duo's blog by complete accident. Clicking one link that leads to another that leads to another and BAM! here we are. Last month, I received an email from them inviting me to their official launch party. They are now a legit brand! woop, woop. According to website, VIF "is an upscale women's and men's image and wardrobe consulting company offering an array of services." VIF also has a boutique.

I had a fantastic time! Topaz Bar & Lounge, located inside the boutique Topaz Hotel, was filled to the brim with supportive (and stylish!) DC area folks. The food was so freakin' good. Also, the bar offered a Vice...As If signature drink. Didn't get a chance to sip on it but I heard it was tasty. It was successful night. Wishing the girls the best as they step into the next phase of their life.


Carlis and Marshall

Kid you not, I was thisclose to wearing a similar outfit. 

Contents inside the bag including Marc Jacobs Lola, Crumbs Bake Shop cupcake, Bacardi vodka, etc. 

The next post will be a breakdown of what I wore. :o)