Laid Back

What up! How was everybody's Christmas weekend? Hope it was a safe one. Mine was pretty chill. Christmas Eve was mostly spent hanging out with my sister and friends. Christmas Day was chillin' with the fam and watching a marathon-like NBA games. In other words, no Christmas outfit. Yeah. Besides that, I enjoyed the day. Especially since my boo thang and his team won (Melo & The Knicks) and the Bulls gave it to the Lakers.

I am in love with this mustard (almost orange) purse that I stole borrowed took adopted from my Mom. I mean, I had to rack my brain to remember the last time she wore this purse. And that would be, NEVER. That's right, she has never worn this purse. So, what's the point of it whiling away in her closet when it can come home to a more welcoming place - my closet. It just makes sense.

Her ASOS bag...
I want it.

How cute are ladybug earrings, though?

Until next time...