W Magazine: Best Performances

Mark Ruffalo
I first heard/read about this W Magazine's fantastic editorial last year on one of my favorite fashion and entertainment site, Tom + Lorenzo. The concept is taking the best performers of the year and switching up their style/persona in something we, the audience, haven't seen yet. I enjoyed last year's crop. Especially, this lil' number above.

Poor Mark. I mean, why? Why did they...they didn't have to do this to him. No.

I can't stop laughing.

After seeing that, I was like, shit, I can't wait for the '12 editorial! Even though there wasn't a photo that comes close to the above photo's insanity, it was still pretty cool to look at. You can view the whole editorial here. Here are my favorites from the bunch:

Viola Davis

Octavia Spencer
My #1 favorite look of the bunch.
She looks amazing.
Tilda Swinton
* All photos c/o W Magazine