From the Big D to the DC*

A couple weeks ago, I got a tweet from Kiah asking me how far was Fairfax from where I live. I immediately got excited! The only reason one would ask that question is because that person is planning on visiting. And that's exactly what happened!

Lady of the Hour, Kiah.
Kiah was in the DC area for the weekend, coming in from Dallas. Since she was in town, it was only right that we would finally...finally!!!...get to meet up. We've been following each others blogs for the past year and a half. She is so fearless with her fashion! Not only that, she's super sweet. Mind you, I picked up on all of this through reading her blog. Seeing her, Kiah is a flat out beauty. I rounded up Bisi and Nic so that we could all have dinner together. I picked out this fabulous restaurant called, Grace's Mandarin, which is located at the National Harbor. Kiah brought along her sister, Coco, who is a a good way. She's also an event planner. Nic came with one of her good friends, Jessica. It was so much fun. Right from the jump, there was no awkwardness. Just seamless convo, fantastic food and drinks.

Kiah and her sister, Coco
(l-r) Kiah, Bibi, Nic & moi
About the outfit...

Faux Leather Jacket: Target, Bodysuit: ASOS, Skirt: thrifted, Shoes: Avenue
Necklace/Ring: F21, Bracelet: H&M, Belt: ASOS, Clutch: Love, Cortnie
Someone please explain to me why I am holding my jacket like that.
*The title of this post is a lil' twist from the name of Kiah's blog, From the Rez to the City