A Good Ol' Swap

Event: Curvy Clothing Swap
Where: Sisarina

Summary: Even with the change of date, the swap was still a success. I went with Ola of Road to Fashionable. Once we stepped in, we were greeted by the host, Ms. Curvy CEO, herself. I finally got to meet her. We got to swapping and chatting and discussing what we scored at the swap. In between, we indulged in some cupcakes, brownies and drinks. There was also three raffle drawings. And guess who one one of the drawings? Not I. Me! It's been oh so long since I've won some kind of drawing/contest, so I was super geeked. I got to choose a prize that was remaining and I chose a self motivation book. And, of course, the best part of the event was catching up with bloggers that I know or I have read and meeting new ones. I was pretty darn satisfied with the items I managed to get. Even though there was this pair of banging Jessica Simpson heels. I mean, these shoes were so freakin' nice! BUT it was a size 9. Grrrrr! No one in the swap was a size 9. Everybody was a 10 and up. It was to the point that we were begging somebody, anybody!, to take the shoes home. Finally, a person who arrived much later saw the shoes, tried it on and it fit! She took those babies home with her. We were happy and satisfied. Couldn't let those shoes go to waste. 

This swap definitely brought out the plus size/curvy women of all ages. So great to see. 

Pictures time!

I was in heart with Deb's Marc Jacobs flats.

Renee's Michael Kors bag. Love the color!

Holding up the raffle ticket and my prize.

Until next time...