Up A Notch

I wanted to spruce up a bit. Go a little glam, if you know what I mean. Hey, I was celebrating CapFABB's 1st birthday. It had to be done.
photo c/o Glam Soup
If I had my way, all of my tops and dresses would come with a sweetheart neckline. I just think it complements me the best. Especially, since I'm carrying some DDs (throw some Ds on them...!!!). Speaking of DDs, do you know which kind of bra managed to hold them bad boys up? Ashley Stewart's Convertible Strapless Butterfly Bra (mine's black). The brilliance of the bra is the double back wrap panels. This needs to be in your life. Anywho, so you can imagine my sheer (pun intended) joy when I came upon a bodysuit with a sheer mesh top AND a sweetheart neckline. *faints* And...AND!!!...it was on sale from ASOS. It had to become a new addition to my closet. I wore it with a midi skirt, also from ASOS. Let me tell ya, this skirt was a hit at the event.

I will say that I suffer from 'the waistline of the skirt feels more comfortable right underneath my boobs' syndrome. No matter how many times I pull that sucker down to hit, y'know, my waist, it rides all the way back up. Up right underneath my boobs. A daily struggle.

Bodysuit/Skirt: ASOS
Faux Leather Jacket: Target
Shoes: Evans
Tights: Spanx
Necklace: vendor
Bracelets: Lane Bryant/Mom's
Purse: gifted

Until next time...