La Petite Marmoset One Year Anniversary

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Event: La Petite Marmoset 1st Year Anniversary
Where: Tabaq

Summary: During a phone convo earlier this week, I invited my sister, Zi, to check out this event I was going to at Tabaq. Since the venue is literally a block from her workplace, she can finally check out what this ('this' being all of these fashion events I've been going to since early last year because of CapFABB) is all about. It worked out perfectly because she already had a dinner meeting planned on the 3rd floor, which also happens to be the enclosed rooftop. As Elle would say, we are too much in sync. But that's for another story altogether.

Katherine and I

Anywho, this was to celebrate Katherine's brainchild - La Petite Marmoset - one year anniversary. I am so proud of her and what she has done with her business (I can not wait to show you the vintage dresses that she had reconstructed for me! Heaven.). The room was filled with so many people who came out to support her. We were treated to Marmoset masks (too cute!), food, cupcakes (delicious!) and Marmoset signature drink. Great tunes filled the air as we mingled and, of course, took beaucoup pictures.

My sister had a blast and I got to introduce her to some of my blogger friends. So, that's the first stage. The next stage is to convince her to start up her own style blog. Who knew it would be such hard work, though?! *wipes brow*


Have a fantastic weekend...while looking fashionable!