U.S. Botanic Garden

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Call this the "Appearance of the Missing Post".

My laptop has been out of commission for almost 2 months. I can be very indecisive, so it took me almost a month to go back and forth between getting a new laptop or going to one of these geek places and getting it fixed. I went with the latter. And now, my baby is back! Thanks to GeekABC.

This post was meant to go up around October/November of last year. Around that time, I totally forgot and then when I finally wanted to post it, my laptop started acting funny and then blah, blah, blah...yakitty, yakitty...and here we are.

I received an e-mail from Jerrita of Glam Soup that she wanted to interview me about my style. iBlushed. Per my suggestion, we decided to meet up at U.S. Botanic Garden. This place is beyond gorgeous. And if I recall, the weather that day was just delightful! I brought my sister and cousin along, too, for support.

Filling out Glam Soup's fun questionnaire.

Jumping cousins.

Until next time...