How was everybody's weekend?

I had a pretty nice one. 

On Saturday, I went to my family friend's wedding. She (Nigerian) married a Ghanian. They met while in medical school in upstate New York. My sis and I missed the church ceremony (surprise, surprise) but made it just in time for the cocktail hour and the reception. It was very intimate affair. And by intimate, I mean about 150+ people. This is a big deal considering an average Nigerian wedding will bring out about 350-500 people. Easily. Afterwards, some of us wanted to go watch Think Like a Man. But I guess after all the dancing and white wine sipping, we were definitely on the tired side of thangs and just headed home. Did you watch the movie? Was it good? I'm a Kevin Hart fan (Please, do yourself a favor and watch his stand-up comedies. The man is effin' funny.), so I wanted to support him.

Spraying money on the new married couple.
It's a Nigerian tradition.
My sister with the bride, who is wearing her traditional outfit.
I loved how the top portion was sequin.

Sunday rolled around. Stephanie of Thrift and Style organized a thrifting trip. The first one was in March and they went to the double thrift store in Virginia. This time, it was in Maryland. Value Village in Landover Hills, to be exact. It's been awhile since I've thrifted...actually, it's been awhile since I've shopped! Eek! So, I was very much waiting for this day to come. Now, I've recently purged out my closet (My blog store is coming soon!) so I knew I couldn't just step into the thrift store and just start accumulating shit again. Nah. My shopping list consisted of two things: skirts and pants. That's it. After two hours, I came away with skirts and a dress. *pats self on the back*

The group.
Carrie's fab statement necklace. 

Some of my purchases:

This skirt is huge. But there was no way in hell I was NOT going to purchase it.
The colors are so bright!
 It'll probably be worn as a dress. 

A oversized sleeveless floral blouse? Yes, please.
My tops are usually XXL or 18/20. This is a 30/32.
Until next time...