Buried Alive! Tour + Girls of Plenty's Clothing Swap

Even though I don't watch "Parks and Recreation" (it seems like I should be watching it given its' critical acclaim),  I knew about Aziz Ansari and his work. I guess from MTV when he was on this show called "Human Giant".

Elle is a huge fan of Aziz and heard that his tour was making a stop in Baltimore. She asked on Twitter who was interested in going and since I've always wanted to go some kind of comedy show and I think that Aziz is pretty funny, I tweeted her back that I was. We went to the late show. When we met up, we both realized how severely under dressed we were. I was thinking more along the lines that Aziz is like this laid back guy and probably the audience would reflect that. *shakes head* Nah. Then after the opening act (which was pretty good...I wished I remembered her name), Aziz bounded on stage in this spiffy black suit. I felt dumb. *chuckles* All in all, it was a pretty good show. He talked about everything from relationships, marriage to him being a cute baby and due to this, child predators were flocking after him...waiting to get their chance (smh), his hatred for guys that wear a button down shirt (that is not, of course, buttoned up) with a backwards baseball cap in a bar, his father, music played in clubs, lack of men available for ladies and black people and their sheer excitement for magic tricks (LOL!). Glad I went. Now, I got my eyes on Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" concert. He's coming to DC the day before my birthday (Oct. 20th). I'll be there for that.

Can't remember if he said this was his brother or cousin. Whoops.

Yesterday was Girls of Plenty's Plus Size Clothing Swap. The venue was at The Electric Maid. Inside was nicely decorated (theme colors were black and white). There were tasty cupcakes and cake pops. Refreshing drinks. And, of course, clothes to be manhandled. We were told to drop off our clothes between 3pm and 4pm. This was to give them time to organize the contents into the right section. Once again, I went to the swap with a crap load of stuff, this time in a duty trash bag and a medium travelling bag. I didn't want to leave with clothes I really didn't need. On my list were separates (especially for work) and shoes. I came away with 3 pair of shoes (flats and heels), 1 dress and 3 tops. I did good. 

Jann'l did a great job with this event. 

Jann'l trying on the white lace dress I turned in.
She took it. 
Jann'l and I
Have a great week, folks!