Muted Florals

My interest in this dress changes from hour to hour. Looking at it right now as I type this post, I can see its' potential. But wearing it at work and then afterwards to the Worn Magazine Summer Mixer, I was having so many doubts. There wasn't much I could do since I didn't bring a backup outfit, so I was 'stuck'. 

Purse - Aldo, Belt - ASOS, Bracelets - Avenue

I like how muted...almost dull-ish...the flower print is on the dress. Pairing it with the ASOS Curve gold metal belt was a nice touch because it brought out the yellow/gold tone of the print even more.

Necklace - vintage

Since I was going for gold accents throughout this look, I accessorized with this vintage gold, bronze and silver circle metal necklace that was only $3.99. iWin. It looks heavy but it's so not. At all. Next time, to give the dress a bit more oomph, I will wear a bright necklace that has either yellow or green or BOTH in the design.

Don't forget to watch the Olympics! Speaking of the Olympics, what did you think of the opening ceremony on Friday? It was okay for me. At some point, I was truly bored. I did enjoy the children's literature section. Seeing JK Rowling and Voldemort made me smile. Parade of Nations was fun to watch...kinda. Unfortunately, I watched the NBC's telecast (which was time delayed). Not a fan of their commentary and the way the channel chose to skim over some countries. I was like, they better show Nigeria or something is about to happen! lolol. Luckily for them, Nigeria had their shine. And I also screamed for USA, of course. I wanted a Melo sighting but I didn't get a Melo sighting. *sad face* I did learn, however, about countries I never knew existed like Tajikistan, Suriname, and Kiribati, just to name a few. Very interesting. I'm enjoying the games, so far. Been invested in gymnastics, swimming, and men's basketball. But I've been watching some others, too, like table tennis. Yo, that game is vicious!