Edited for Goodwill Pop-Up Shop VIP Launch Party

Here are some photos from the Edited for Goodwill VIP Launch Party that took place at Pepco Edison (Edico) Place Art Gallery.

I had such a wonderful time. No, I didn't purchase any items but a few folks I know got some fantastic deals. I'm talking about YSL shirt for $6. Christian Dior blouse for $6. Craziness. The Goodwill of Greater Washington representatives did a nice job selecting unbelievable stylish and unique items from Goodwill stores all across the DC Metropolitan area. The pop-up shop ran from August 1-3rd. I sincerely hope another pop-up shop pops up in the future (pun intended).

Debbi Jarvis - Vice President of Goodwill of Greater Washington
Joseph Rigby - President and Chief Executive Officer of Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Catherine Meloy - President and CEO of Goodwill of Greater Washington
photo c/o Gregs List DC
photo c/o Goodwill of Greater Washington

Have a great and safe weekend!