Animal Lover by Force

I don't care much for animals. I mean, yeah, I'll oooh and awww from time to time when I see a cute animal .gif or a cute animal meme or see a cute animal physically in front of me. Like this: 

This was at an event last night at South Moon Under.
Recap coming soon.

Cats are evil. I'm convinced. Shout-out to my cat lover readers out there but nah. Then we got cats thinking they can defy gravity and...yeah. Dogs? I can tolerate. Really really, I'm scared of dogs. But from time to time one comes around and once I calm myself down and realize that they are not ready to bite my face off, I ease up...and even pet them. O_O

Anywho, even though animals don't rock my world, I am ALL OVER the animal motif trend that is rocking the fashion world this Fall season. I've seen so many cute ones that if I hear myself going awww one more damn time...

Check out a few animal motif sweaters and pullovers that got me awww-ing swooning:
dc plus size style
Old Navy Fox
Old Navy Sheep
Old Navy Owl

Dorothy Perkins Owl ($35.00)
Dorothy Perkins Fox
ASOS Robin
ASOS Holiday Cat
ASOS Squirrel ($66.84)
Are you into this trend like I am? How would you style an animal motif sweater or pullover? Peering into my crystal ball, I see myself styling the Old Navy Sheep sweater with a cute pair of  printed pants I recently purchased. Be on the lookout for that outfit. *winks*