Sunday Brunch

Fun Fact: I wore my sweater inside out because I felt the outside design would've clashed with the mixing patterns I was going for with the sheer animal print blouse and printed pants. Also, I just wanted a plain ol' black sweater which, surprisingly, I do not own.

Sweater/Earrings/Brooch: thrifted, Blouse: Lane Bryant via ReDress,
Pants: Avenue
Shoes: Avenue
Ring: Lane Bryant, Bag: vintage Dooney & Bourke, Watch: Michael Kors
You tired of seeing my vintage Dooney & Bourke bag on this blog? Cause I'm not! (^_^)

This past Sunday I met up with a dozen of the BLM ladies for some Sunday brunch at Eatonville. The hosts for the afternoon was myself, Nic and Karen. To get into the holiday spirit, we decided to have a Secret Santa gift swap. Each gift was not to exceed $5. To make it easier on everyone, we gathered all of the gifts into the middle of the table. Then I started calling out the months in order (Jan, Feb, March, etc.) and whoever falls into that month gets to pick out a gift. I had a feeling my gift was gonna be picked last because 1) it was small and 2) it wasn't wrapped. Like, at the last minute I had to tear off someone's wrapping paper and sloppily 'wrap' my gift. Not a game. Everyone was going for the pretty gift bags and pretty wrapped gifts. I was like, "No one's trying to get my gift, though. But it's a good one. I know...I picked it." Finally, when Nic's month was called, she heard my cries and chose my gift. Guess what? She loved it. Boom. A beautiful gold brooch.