Inauguration Ceremony

Event: Inauguration Ceremony 2013
Where: U.S. Capitol Building
Summary: Since I didn't get the chance to go 4 years ago due to work, I made sure that this time around I was not going to miss the Inauguration Ceremony for nothing. Screw the cold weather. Though, I will say, the weather wasn't so bad compared to last time. The sun was out most of the time and the wind (chill) wasn't blowing. That helped tremendously. The energy was insane, electric. I loved it!

This poet amused me to no end.
I was getting some stoned face side-eyes from folks cause I kept laughing.
In other words, he was boring.

My baby! 

Kelly Clarkson was amazing! 
And so was Sasha Fierce Beyonce. Pre-recorded or not.
I had a problem with her yanking out the ear plug like she was doing big thangs. Sasha Fierce Beyonce & her theatrics.
Esp., now that we know her performance was pre-recorded.