(pic of Sushi Slippers in L/XL)
I'm pretty sure my onesie from ASOS and these super plush  slippers are just an awesome combo.
You can't convince me otherwise.

Usually around this time of the year we get invited to a bunch of parties to celebrate a high school graduate, college graduate, grad school...graduate, etc achievement(s). Don't forget the pre-wedding parties and the wedding receptions and the baby showers. I mean, that's what Spring/Summer is for, no?

For a lot of folks, myself included, thinking about the upcoming events that will eventually turn into you deciding on what to buy and where to buy and how much to spend on said gift can become quite the drag. It comes to a point that we default to the easiest gift choice out there - gift cards. I know I do. You feel slightly guilty but, hey, you know the celebrant could never pass up on a gift card to their favorite store/restaurant. It is what it is.

For those that do enjoy giving a gift that can be personal, thoughtful and meaningful to that special celebrant, can I kindly suggest to you UncommonGoods? "What is a UncommonGoods?", you ask. Well, let me tell you. UncommonGoods is an online marketplace that offers creative and high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. The cool thing about this site is that it promotes artists and designers by not only selling their handmade products but highlighting their stories throughout the website and their print catalog.

(pic of Gummy Bear Lights in Purple here)
At first I planned to keep this for myself because I'm a big kid at heart I love the color purple.
Then I was like, nah, let me dash it to my friend's kid.

When I tell you that I damn near spent 2 hours browsing through UncommonGoods...not a game. This site is amazing. So many cute and unique and different items that will have you smiling throughout the day. I mean great gift ideas for the ladies (Mother's Day is coming up so check out gift options here), men (...And Father's Day. Check out gift options here) and the little ones (Baby showers, remember? Check out gift options here). Plus those looking for great deals at great prices. It's all here.

I got a chance to do a review for a couple of products. My sight was set on the Skyline Wooden Routing. Even though I adore the cities of Chicago and San Fran, my heart really wanted a DC frame. Unfortunately, it's not available. Bummer. BUT I did find two other items that warmed me heart (seen in the photos above): Sushi Slippers and Gummy Bear Lights in Purple.

UncommonGoods is a site that appeals to all. Go and get you some.