Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree '13

I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree (YMSSS) held at the Courtyard Marriott here in DC.

My table.
The clothing rack I bought gave me such a headache. (Hence why it's leaning up against the corner like that.)
Need to search for a more durable kind for next time. 

Standing with the lady of the hour and the creator of YMSSS, Patrice.
I wanted to be comfortable for the 6+ hours I was there so I went with my trusty maxi dress from ASOS Curve.

A customer trying on one of my blazers.
She wasn't quick enough to purchase because someone else copped it!

I just liked this attendee's look.
It was my first time holding such a title and I was a little bit nervous. But seeing familiar faces all around me including Stania (the event's stylist), Nic and Kizzy (who was vending right next to me), helped calm the nerves. But then it got heighten again when the Paypal reader decided not to work. Luckily, my sister was there to calm me down and gently tell me that I can punch in the card number instead. Whew (It was an extra fee whew but still, whew). I did pretty good in terms of sales. And a lot of folks asked me if I had an online store. I mean, I am thinking of adding a page on my blog to sell off the remaining items. We shall see.

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