First Time for Everythang

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During the Hat Competition at the International Gold Cup
Of late, I've been saying 'everythang' instead of 'everything'.

Anywho, hello.

My birthday was yesterday. woop, woop. It was pretty chill. During this past weekend, I managed to do a couple of firsts. First time rock climbing and first time tailgating at a horse racing event. Actually, the tailgating and horse racing event is like the whole two stones with one bird kind of thing because I've never done any kind of tailgating before and I've never been to a horse racing competition.

The event, International Gold Cup, took place in The Plains, VA. It was really a nice experience. The one thing I regret not doing because I totally forgot was to bet on a horse. Dagnabbit. Also, should have followed my friend's lead by taking photos of the different ways folks set up their tailgate areas. I'm talking about a legit fully stocked mini bar or haystacks used as chairs or using the back of a truck as a club/lounge. Missed out on that opportunity. Dagnabbit. Besides that, it was cool to see different styles, unique hats (I mean, for the ladies it's ALL about what's adorned on your head) and watching the races. The area is absolutely breathtaking. Even in the mostly cloudy weather, one can appreciate nature's beauty in a place like The Plains.

Speaking of hat competition, I thought this should have won:

But, nooo. One of the winners was some basic hat with a stuffed cockatoo attached on top. *blank stare* Oh, how original. Anyways, I went to tell the lady that I thought she should have won and then she went on to say I should have entered and back and forth we went complimenting each other. It was her friend that mentioned we should take a photo together since we looked like we planned our outfits with each other. Oh, by the way, her name is Elizabeth Taylor. I kid you not.

This would be a nice time to talk about my look, huh? Let's do it.

Dress: Thrift store
Fascinator: vintage (Mom's closet)
Shoes/Necklace: Avenue
Bag: Philip Lim 3.1 for Target
Watch: Charming Charlie
Belt: ASOS Curve

The dress I copped recently for $4 or something crazy like that. The vintage fascinator (first time wearing one) came from my Mom's closet. And pretty much the only reason why I went with a fascinator is because I possess a big ass head and no other hats in her closet came close to fitting my head. Do you know how much I love hats? Do you know how much it hurts inside that I don't have a hat head? So much hurt.