Gotta Try White

dc plus size style 
Fun Fact: I'm wearing my first pair of white jeans. Ever.


It's not that I didn't like white jeans. Nah. It was more of 'White jeans? Hmmm...I don't think that'll look good on me.' sorta deal. I love when I see someone wearing a pair of white jeans ESPECIALLY in the Fall and Winter seasons. It just looks so much better in those particular seasons. It's just POPS. If that makes any kinda sense. Also, I'm a huge sucker for AWE (All White Everything). Absolutely love it. I've always wanted to try the look.

Jacket: Chico's via thrift
Blouse: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Top Handle Purse: vintage via Dress for Success Tag Sale
Booties: Avenue

Well, here's my interpretation. *chuckle* I kinda cheated a bit wearing a cream jacket...and a printed blouse. Besides, nude/cream x white equals awesome. It just does. But I had to rock them because I liked how the colors in the animal print brought out the silver and tan sparkles in the jacket. I don't think these photos do the jacket any justice. Gotta wear it again and take the photo in a better lighting (re: outside).

I wore this to the W Happening featuring Leandra Medine event held at the P.O.V. Lounge inside the W Hotel. Yes, that Leandra Medine. The Man Repeller. Click here for the event photo recap. I had a great time hanging out with Elle and seeing some of my favorite blogger friends. And, of course, the DC fashion scene. I miss taking legit photos of events. I miss having a legit camera.

Elle and I being our goofy selves.

Anywho, looking at the photo of my full look, I wish I wore different shoes. I rocked the booties because of the rainy weather; I wanted my feet covered. Now I all I see are these heavy looking booties lugging down a soft look. I definitely wore the booties better here. Oh, and the jeans are way too long for my barely 5' 5" ass. I may have to get it mended so it can fit me properly.

Alrighty. I'm done critiquing myself. Now, it's your turn.