Columns DC card stays wanting to get revoked, though. I haven't tried Mambo Sauce. Never been to a go-go club (too old for it now but, y'know, during my earlier years). And I never knew something called the US National Arboretum even existed.

Well, I can now scratch the US National Arboretum off the list. Thanks to Valerie and Instagram.

Her recent trip to the museum popped up on my Instagram timeline and I was blown away by the beautiful scenery. I was like, you gotta take me to this garden, yo. She agreed. And we met up on Memorial Day to do so. 

dc plus size style

As you can see, I didn't check out the garden. Only because these majestic columns (called the National Capitol Columns) got my attention. For some odd reason, it reminded me of LOST. Anywho, I felt that this was a good spot to take some photos mainly because it worked with my outfit.

Sheer Jacket: thrift via 2nd Avenue
Sheer Tunic: Forever 21+
Pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Payless
Purse: thrift 
Brooch: vintage
Earrings: Boutique in San Fran
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange