Dopeciety Trunk Show

I met Denisio for the first time at a  Violet Boutique event a couple years back. I remember being drawn to her color gems embellished skirt. I approached her asking where she purchased the skirt and was surprised to find out that she actually made the skirt. Talk about talent! So when 8-Vintage (a collaboration with Krystin) and, later on, Dopeciety popped up on the scene, I wasn't surprised Denisio was behind it. Her love for all things vintage and unique were clearly on display through her two companies.

While 8-Vintage is no more, Dopeciety is still here and hotter than ever.


Denisio is taking her talents and Dopeciety to New Orleans. She will be missed here in the DC area. To celebrate, she organized a trunk show at Nubian Hueman located inside of the Anacostia Arts Center. Dopeciety fits right at home in Nubian Hueman, which features ethnic fashion apparel, accessories, and beauty brands, along with art of all mediums. The cool thing about Nubian Hueman is that they select talented designers who injects ethnic influences and traditional patterns into their modern silhouettes and products.

Denisio mentioned that besides offering ready-made apparel, Dopeciety will be open to customized orders - in any size! That's a huge plus (pun intended) for myself because there were a lot of cute skirt sets I was eyeing and secretly wishing it came in my size. And above all, it will still house one-of-a-kind vintage wears.

Vintage dress
Remind me of the latest Valentino collection but in white.

I've been definitely hip to Dopeciety as you can see below:

1231 Good Hope Road SE 
Washington, DC 20020