Inspiration #10

Oh, how I love to come across a style blog that is so damn good and inspiring that I find myself immediately following the site whichever way I can. It excites me.

This excitement came about some time last week when I participated in the Thrift Sisters Link Up (a collaborative effort created by Ayanna of Thrifting Diva and Keren of Two Stylish Kays). Tip: Linkups are a great way to find new blogs. While scanning the entries of last week linkup, I came across a blog called Forage Fashion. I thought to myself, what a cute name and straight to the point! Me being a thrift lover, I just had to check out this person's blog.

Um...I'm so glad I did.

Heather Wyancko is a thrifter. Based on the title of her blog, that's a given. But here's the twist: she finds the most amazing thrifted items and styles them in such a way that will leave you in awe. I'm serious. Her eye for styling is insane.