Excited to Sew

With the sewing instructor, Tisha

I stay bugging my friend, Ola, to sew something cute for me. She always have the cutest pieces and when asked where it's from, she'll casually say,  "Oh. I made it." Like, whaaa? There comes a time when I have to stop bugging Ola and just make what I want my damn self. Or just take it to my tailor. No, let me sew it myself. But first, I have to know how to sew, right? Right. Too bad, I barely know how.

A refresher was needed. Sip & Sew DC to the rescue.
The class, instructed by Tisha of Tisha Sewing Studio, invites students to learn the basics of sewing in order to complete an assigned project. It took place at the Anacostia Arts Center. Before entering the class, I had to choose a fabric from a pile (arrived a bit late so I had to pick from what was remaining). In class, Tisha taught us what type of fabric to use for which particular style to the types of sewing machines and naming each of its functions to knowing the right kind of measurements for your body type to the types of sewing techniques. Sewing machines and starter kits were provided. Even a folder was given containing loads of information for a beginner sewer. This was very helpful. 

Sewing machine? Check. Wine? Check. Fabric? Check.

Then it was finally time to sew!

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On the agenda that nippy afternoon was a shrug. Personally, I was hoping for a clutch like Brea completed in her class but Tisha explained that she likes to mix it up. Understandable. While in the thick of sewing, Tisha, along with Cecily of Simply Cecily and their assistant, made sure to attend to each student, asking if they needed any help or checking to see if all was good. I slightly gave a side eye to those that finished way early like, really, you guys didn't need this class. Stop showing off. But besides that, everyone's end product turned out really nice. 

As for mine...

Shrug: DIY
Tunic: H&M+
Sunglasses: vintage
...it's workable.

The next Sip & Sew DC class is a special one - it's honoring Mother's Day. The class is open for Mothers and their daughters or anyone with a special person who is 8 years or older. It'll be on May 9th. For more information click here.

And ending on a tousled note since the wind was so disrespectful.