Draw Me

Pretty sure it's every fashion/style bloggers dream to be illustrated. Okay, I may be reaching a bit...well, a lot. But, seriously, talk about a humbling moment. Like, this talented artist, Laura Burge of Cosmic Medium, took time out of her busy day to bring my likeness into art.

Hey, I was geeked. Still am, actually.

My illustration is part of an ongoing series called the Ill Fashion Tour. Her skills shine through with every feature. All came out nicely but my favorite so far (besides mine. duh!) is this illustration of Ty

The inspiration for my illustrations came from one of my favorite looks - Black Pleats:

Look at dat baby hair, tho.

Laura also does original art that can be placed on pillows, t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, and so much more. It can even be framed! I definitely copped the Over My Shoulder phone case for a friend's birthday gift. And don't worry if your phone's model isn't listed. Contact Laura with a heads up and she'll make sure to provide you a link with your requested phone's model to purchase.

The Ill Fashion Tour Summer edition concluded last week. The Fall tour will start very soon. Don't get a case of FOMO. Follow her at any one of these platforms to see the next wave of features: