See-Through Lace

dc plus size style
Inside Kate Spade's fitting room in Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

The Style Festival Blogger Preview Brunch was a lot of fun. A recap of the event will be posted later on this week. Until then, let's get into my outfit.

Dress: Torrid
Sandals: Torrid
Sunglasses: Burberry
Bag: Target
As with most of my sheer dresses that comes with a slip lining, I cut the skirt portion shorter so the lace detailing will be more visible. Granted, you can see it from the sleeves but, I don't know, it looks better when there's more lace to show without the slip lining obscuring the details. Opted for sandals instead of heels because 1) I knew walking around the mall would happen and 2) mall's floors + me in heels is a death trap. More power to those who can do it without tripping, slipping and sliding.

Have a wonderful week ahead!