Layering Piece

dc plus size style

Sometimes, I just want to wear a top under a sleeveless clothing item without it looking forced. This is where Halftee comes through in the clutch.

Top: Halftee
Sleeveless Vest: ASOS
Jeans: Torrid
Flats: Simply Be
Watch: JORD
Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot

Being a fan of layering (hence why Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons), I'm always looking for pieces that are comfortable and lightweight. Can't be doing layers only to come away feeling all hot and sweaty (hence why Winter is not on my list of my favorite seasons). Halftee prides itself in providing tops made with breathable fabrics (a nice mixture of cotton and modal and spandex) primed for layering. The one I'm wearing is the 3/4 Halftee (Modal). Granted, Halftee sent me this top to review. If given the option, I would've selected a different color and style. Well, that was my thought process once I opened the package and saw what was inside. However, everything changed for the better once worn. The top definitely fits the bill.

Another concern while inspecting the top was the sizing. I asked for a 3X, the brand's largest size for women. My hope was for the top to actually fit over my chest without any extra pulling or straining. Thankfully, it did. In fact, it's absolutely true-to-size. The only stretching and pulling that occurred was from me being a little bit too self conscious of the skin exposure. But, hey, I am rocking a legit crop top.

The 3/4 sleeved top is so bloody comfortable, inside and out. No tags scratching the back, the band sits comfortably on my stomach with no chance of rolling up, and it's most definitely breathable. Also, even though I chose to wear it as a crop top, it can be styled in so many different ways: under a sleeveless dress, over a button down shirt, under a short sleeved top to give the arms some extra coverage. The possibilities are endless here. 

So, check out Halftee. Plenty of options to choose from for women and kids. And the prices ain't too shabby, either. I've got my eye on the Full Lace Long Sleeved Halftee. Because, lace.