Monif C Decade of Curves Pop-Up Shop

dc plus size style

A long, long, loooong time ago...okay, like, 6 years ago...okay, that's still a loooong time ago, I went to one of my first (blog related) shopping events. It was Monif-C Pop-Up Shop.

Well, six years later, I went to the Decade of Curves Pop-Up in DC.

The room was stocked with racks of Monif C clothing items - dresses, skirts, cover-ups, jumpsuits, and swimsuits. We ("we" being me, Ola, and ChiChi) got there towards the end of the event, so our fingers were most definitely crossed hoping to find something we could purchase. Luckily, they found some good stuff.

I, on the other hand, did buy the Bahia Mesh Monokini...*ahem* Hey, I was at the event when I made this purchase so it's kinda sorta the same thing. Back to the swimsuit, be on the lookout for a post spotlighting the item. And I'm hoping to take the photos in front of some very colorful buildings with the desert as my backdrop.

*hint hint*

(l-r) ChiChi, Ola, Monif C, and some lady