MTV Video Music Awards '16

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Nicki Minaj in Bao Tranchi
The dress is kinda suspect but Nicki Minaj looked so pretty last night.
This shade of blue works on her. Also, the sleek middle part ebony hair.

Look. Of late, in terms of music award shows, I've only been here for the BET Awards and BET Hip-Hop Awards. Both have been very entertaining for me since about, say, 2012/'13. At most. But clearly, this post ain't about those award shows. It's about MTV and their music award show.

It was okay. You know what made it somewhat enjoyable? Twitter. 

Cause it sure wasn't Key & Peele. I've heard so much about this duo and how their sketch comedy show was amazing and thought-provoking and a bit ahead of its time. However, watching these men portray 'cool' teenagers looking to create fire tweets all bloody night was such a drag. And it turned me off. So, it's gonna be a while before I even decide to watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Key & Peele. The other hosts of the evening were DJ Khaled (so cuddly), Jay Pharoah and his played out impressions (Yes, we get it. Your go-to impressions are Jay-Z and Kevin Hart. Next.), and Nicole Byer. Who's Nicole Byer, you may have asked yourself. Don't worry. I asked myself the same question when she appeared onscreen. Apparently, she has a new semi-autobiographical comedy debuting on MTV in September. Now you know why she was there.

The highlight of the evening should have been Rihanna and her 4 performances to mark her Vanguard Award. If not Rihanna, then most definitely should have been Britney Spears since MTV hyped it up as her 'comeback' since being away from the show for 9 years (damn, it's been that long?!!) Nope. As many of you may know, I'm not a Rihanna fan. However, the girl has hits and her videos have made some kinda impact throughout the years. So I get the Vanguard Award honor. But her 4 performances had me bored. The stage sets were really appealing to the eyes, though. My favorite set was the Reggae segment when she literally created an West Indies club vibe on stage. Meanwhile, Britney Spears new song does nothing for me and she still enjoys to lip sync. 

So who was the highlight, then? Beyonce. She came through to perform not one...not two...not three... not four...but FIVE songs from Lemonade. It started off with a powerful piece acknowledging black men being shot and killed by the police and ending the 15 min performance with her dancers getting into formation to create the female symbol. I was thoroughly impressed. She's a true entertainer. 

Honorable mention goes to Teyana Taylor doing her damn thing and more in Kanye West's new music video for Fade. We won't get into the last couple of scenes in the video involving her husband, Iman Shumpert, a running shower, lots of sheep, and their beyond adorable daughter Junie. It was just too random.

But I will get into these red carpet fashions, though.

Beyonce in Francesco Scognamiglio
Too bad she still can't dress.
Oh you thought just because I loved her performance I would cut her some slack?
Nah, homes.
Kim Kardashian in vintage John Galliano
Yes, the dress is basic. But dammit if Kim ain't looking fantastic in it.
The wet hair gotta go.
I like the gold necklaces and lace-up sandals.
Holland Roland in KAYAT
Me likey.
The pants are weird. I'm seeing an extra long crotch and a weird length.
But those are my only complaints.
Amber Rose
She looks good.
LOVE the sunglasses.
And the fit of the suit, despite it being oversized, is working.
Hailee Steinfeld in Balmain
The colors and design are nice.
I'm always a sucker for a long-sleeved mini dress that stops at the right length for the wearer.
Yes, this means her dress should be an inch or two longer.
The smokey eye effect is not her friend. 
Also, take the long hair away from her face. It's competing with the dress.
Tinashe in Juan Carlos Obando
Very nice rich color.
The necktie is a cute touch. The lingerie bodice is a cute touch, as well.
Not feeling the wide legged floor-length curtain pants.
Justine Skye in Missoni
I should hate this but I don't.
SO MUCH FRINGE but the dress is a perfect match for the VMAs.
Weirdly enough, she picked the wrong shoe color.
A better choice would've been a color from the dress like the pale pink.
JoJo in Thomas Wylde blouse and Erika Cavallini pants
My homegirl is back...but not in the best way.
Such an unflattering outfit.
And yuck to the hair.
Nev Schulman with his wife, Laura Perlongo

Did you watch the show? Let me know your thoughts.