Crisp Fall Day

photo c/o Blonde in the District


Y'know, it's been a rocky start for Fall, in terms of the weather. Over here in the DC area, it's like Summer keeps extending its stay. In fact, this coming weekend the temps will be in the 70s. I mean...the hell?

However, last Saturday we finally got to experience a true Fall day. I'm talking pumpkin patches, hay rides, piglets watching, kettle corn, wine tasting, and oven brick pizza. Even the disrespectful wind came out to play. No one asked for it come, tho. Combined all of that with a blue sunny day and a party bus equipped with personalized pink-n-gold stripe paper cups, lots of champagne, and cupcakes (to celebrate recent birthdays, mine included - 10/21), well, 17 ladies came away very very happy.

Thanks to Dani for organizing our #bubblesandbloggersfieldtrip. For someone like me who doesn't care a lick 'bout some pumpkins, it was a lot of fun at Butler's Orchard and Rocklands Farm Winery.

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