Christmas Gift Shopping
1. Record Coasters
2. Owl Eyeglasses Holder
3. Birthstone Wishing Balls
4. Crimson Heart Umbrella
5. City Map Glasses

I'm quite the procrastinator. This person right here waits until the day before Christmas to hastily purchase gifts. I know, I know. Even with so many stores online at my fingertips, I still take my sweet ol' time. Shame!

So don't be like me and wait last minute to find the best personal gifts possible. Be ahead of the curve and start shopping now.

A great place to start is UncommonGoods.

This site feels me with so much glee. Lots of unique and creative gifts for that special person in your life...or for yourself, really. Best believe I've been scouring Christmas gifts for women (here), ready to treat myself.

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What makes UncommonGoods a one stop shop for Christmas gifts (here) is that each product being sold on the site is either handmade, recycled, or organic. It's all about sustainability for this company. Also, you're given the chance to donate $1 to a non-profit organization through their Better to Give program.

Shopping for a good cause? Ain't nothing wrong with that.

When my 'treat yo self' gifts come through, I'll share them either on here or Instagram. However, let me know if you plan on buying an item or two from UncommonGoods. You definitely should.

*sponsored post by UncommonGoods