Oscars '17

oscars 2017
Taraji P. Henson in Alberta Ferretti
You see, Taraji can dial it back sometimes.
And she looks like a freakin' movie star. A-List, dammit.
Also, she wuz robbed.



Last night was the Oscars. The final awards show of the awards season. And man oh man did it go out with a loud ass messy ass did i do that bang.

And here I was thinking I was gonna dedicate a whole paragraph on Halle Berry's defeated lopsided wig. But nah. Warren Beatty (and to a lesser extent Faye Dunaway) had other plans. You see, Warren had his own Steve Harvey moment. The craziest part? He could've prevented it! Or could he? Like, if I was in his position, would I stop the whole show to share that there's a high possibility I'm holding the wrong card? And I'm thisclose to announcing the wrong winner? Warren had those moments in his head while staring down at a card which read back to him La La Land and Emma Stone. He didn't know what to do or say. As this was going on, I thought he was delaying the moment for suspense. Little did I know. So Warren, clearly outta options, showed the card to Faye, who quickly glanced down, saw La La Land and proceeded to announce it as the winner for Best Picture. Okay, cool. La La Land cast and crew were jubilant, rushing up on stage to give their speeches. When I tell you THREE people had the chance to grab the mic (and mind you each speech wasn't rushed) before the commotion began. The good folks behind the Oscar scenes realized a humongous mistake was made. The real winner for Best Film is Moonlight! Jimmy Kimmel (host, did good job, loved his bits with Matt Damon, adored the surprising the tour bus segment...man, I wished I was one of the visitors...so freakin' cool, mean tweets selected were unfunny) confirmed the mistake blaming Steve Harvey.


Warren comes to give his best what had happen was take, sportin' a sheepish grin to boot. And I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. With a couple of "this can not be happening" and "oh my lawd" in between. Goodness. What a night. I feel bad for La La Land. I hope the Moonlight cast and crew get a chance to give a video speech or something since their moment was essentially taken away from them because of this blunder. I feel bad for Warren and Faye cause a lot of people will blame their old age. But I truly believe anyone, young or old, could've made that same mistake. However, some people definitely would've stopped the show if they realized the wrong card was handed to them. No one wants to carry that kind of mistake on their heads knowing they had the chance to stop it. Maybe Warren was gonna let it ride out, hoping nobody would notice. *shrugs*

Congratulations to Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis, Emma Stone, and Moonlight.

Fashion time. Let's begin.

oscars 2017
Hailee Steinfeld in Ralph & Russo
What a breathtaking dress.
It's lavender, you guys!
I'm in love.
Only wished it was lined properly. No need for it to be that sheer.
oscars 2017
Let's get into the back and the details.
Her makeup and hairstyle worked so well with the dress.
One of these days, I'll watch one of her movies.
Cause I'm not too sold on her singing career. But, hey, it's doing well apparently.
oscars 2017
Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci
Emma was ready for her Oscar. Because that dress screams "I'm winning an Oscar!" dress.
While it has a vintage flair, this dress is a classic. Absolutely chic.
I don't even mind it being the same color as her complexion.
oscars 2017
Robin Roberts in Badgley Mischka
Robin came to do her duties making sure she would land on someone's Best Dressed list.
She certainly landed on mine.
Love the shoulder strap embellishments. And hair. And makeup.
Everything's on point.
oscars 2017
Viola Davis in Armani Prive
Once again, beautiful color chosen.
I'm diggin' the hair.
Not so much the clutch...or the halter-off-the-shoulder combo happening.
But the dress fits her body impeccably.
Great award winning speech. She's so damn eloquent and has such a presence.
Happy for her success.
Emma Roberts in vintage Armani Prive
I responded really well to this look.
Glad she's back to sportin' red hair. She shines when her hair color is vibrant.
This is giving me old Hollywood glamour. And it works.
oscars 2017
Olivia Culpo in Marchesa
Let's ignore the overly applied purple eyeshadow.
And her hair, for that matter.
Get into the dress. It's everything.
I like the skinny black belt/tie. Added a bit of modern.
oscars 2017
Janelle Monae in Elie Saab Couture
Over 12 hours later and I'm still on the fence.
I get the concept, side panels mimicking wings.
In fact, everything below the waist is stunning.
Really liked her makeup.
Love the hair adornment and the choker necklace. But it should've been one or the other.
It's that sheer bodice. Not a fan.
Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney
A one-sleeved cape?
Nah, homes.
Everything else? Pretty good.
Naomie Harris in Calvin Klein
Found out that Calvin Klein dressed the whole Moonlight cast which I thought was awesome and a nice gesture.
While it looks simple, there's a lot going on with this look.
Which is why I can't rail against it too much. I'm all for subtlety.
Notice the shoes?
Now, without the cape panel, this look would've been boring.
But the cape didn't elevate either. It looks random as hell.
Octavia Spencer in Marchesa
Nice color and all. But not wowed by this dress.
Love the hair, though.
And, once again, her nomination was a head scratcher.
Taraji and Janelle were robbed!
Dakota Johnson in Gucci
Why come I don't hate this so much?
Hair? Yes, I hate it.
Maybe the necklace, too.
Don't get me wrong, the dress is weird looking.
But I seriously don't hate it.
Off color, though. It would've helped if the dress was in a darker rich hue.
Then the vintage appeal would shine.
Jessica Biel in Kaufman Franco
I guess.
The makeup works.
The hair, I get. Probably was going for a futuristic, robotic theme.
But not feeling this look. At all.
oscars 2017
Halle Berry in Versace
What bothered me the most was her seat placement. She was sitting next to Meryl Streep.
So we had to see this hair atrocity a million times over.
Coupled with the meh dress, Halle looked worn out.
Like she's given up on this celeb life.
What is that on top of her head?!
It's just standing there. I'm so lost right now.
I'm all for trying a new 'do. But not like this.
*photos c/o Hollywood Life, Us Weekly, Aol.com

Did you watch the Oscars? Any red carpet favorites? Did you almost miss the Best Film mix-up like myself? I was holding the remote control, about to turn off my tv and call it a night when it all started happening. Like, I almost missed this moment live because of sleep. Shaking my head.