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Hello, hello.

Took a lil' break 'cause I was on vacation - Houston and Austin, both in TX. Expect a few posts dedicated to those cities next week or so. In the meantime, here's an outfit to look at.

dc plus size blogger

Some may see the longline sheer floral blouse (with a strappy cut-out bra underneath) matched with patchwork jeans and striped sneakers and be like, "Whoa. Slight overkill, much?" And others (like myself) would deem this a bit casual because of the jeans and the sneakers...not thinking much of the design elements. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. To be honest, the adidas were not my first choice for footwear. It was going to be a pair of cognac heeled booties. Unfortunately, the boots were slightly too small. So I brought along a pair of black ankle boots. However, quickly changed my mind once I arrived at my destination, the National Gallery of Art, East Building. Knowing I'll be walking pretty much the whole afternoon, wearing boots was a no-no. Thankfully, I had the sneakers on hand.

national gallery of art east wing
Faux Leather Jacket: Lane Bryant
Longline Blouse: Simply Be
Strappy Bra: Torrid

Glasses: SEE
Patchwork Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Sneakers: adidas
Bag: Botkier

Check back tomorrow for pictures of the museum.