Met Gala '17

Another first Monday of May, another Met Gala event. This year's theme is Rei Kawakubo/Commes des Garcons.

With such a simple theme to go by, you would think folks would strut the red carpet with dresses and suits inspired by the designer's work. Oh no. Roughly about, say, 99% of the attendees went safe. Watching the E! Red Carpet special, I was bored to tears. So this recap will only focus on those who kept my attention for more than 1 minute.

Let's begin!

Rihanna in Comme des Garcons
Rihanna takes themed events seriously.
She hit it out of the park.
Plus, she wore a creation from the designer honoree! Straight from the runway.
She wins just for that.
Anywho, it's a pretty cool look. Head to strappy toe.
Lily Aldrige in Ralph Lauren
Lily chose to add some oomph to her just okay dress.
Love the pink mask netting.
Katy Perry in Maison Margiela
Quite the drama, no?
While it's hard to read, I'm digging the 'Witness' sign.
Cara Delevingne in Chanel
Solange in Thom Browne
Remarkably, I found this a tad safe.
She's worn weirder shit.
However, given the lack of effort from most of the attendees, at least she tried.
Celine in Versace
She's here because I found this laughable...and a bit charming.
Also, a bit trying too hard.
Her heart was in the right place.

And we close out this post with a bunch of extras. Namely -

Puffy, being the extra dude that he is, just chilling on the Met Gala stairs...
...while Cassie is posing for her life.
Jaden Smith holding his recently snipped blonde dreads. His father, Will, did the snipping.
So extra.

Who held your attention at the red carpet event?