Out and About in London

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My London trip was a couple of weeks ago so it's only right I do a recap of the many places I visited while in the Global city. The WAHALA X PLAY exhibition was just one of the many experiences from this trip.

*photo heavy post

Started the day with brunch at MILK in Balham. The food was delicious. And the location was beyond cute, Hildreth Street Market.

While we didn't get to do a double decker tour bus, The Emirates Airline was close enough. The 10 seat cable car glides over the River Thames to view local attractions of London below. The highest peak is 300 feet. You can take a one way trip to Royal Victoria Station or a round trip back to the Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. We opted for the round trip, a 20 minute ride.

On this day, there were some delays on one of the major train line so a lot of people used The Emirates Airline to take them to the Royal Victoria station. Of course, tickets are slightly more pricier than your average metro tube fare card but, hey, folks had to get home.

It should be noted that NOW Gallery (location of the exhibition) and The Emirates Airline are a walking distance from the O2 Arena.

Walking back to the train station, we came across this cool mural and just had to have a photo shoot.

Winnie, random girl, the sister.
Our next stop was Pop Brixton. On our way there, we stopped to see the David Bowie memorial on Tunstall Road.

Pop Brixton is a recently developed creative space for local, independent businesses. If I have to compare, it's like Union Market but more laid back. There are plenty of start-ups inside including one from Freddie Harrel and her Big Hair No Care boutique. She wasn't around that day but her staff was quite friendly.

We finished up the night at Rum Kitchen (Brixton location), a nice Caribbean eatery with fantastic music. So much so that the bartenders were dancing up a storm. Since I was backing them, I didn't get to see this but my sister and Winnie had front row seats and quite enjoyed the entertainment.

The image found inside the menu card.

On our last night in London, we had dinner at Tapas Brindisa in Shoreditch. Winnie invited her friends and my sister invited her friend, who brought along another friend. So it was a good group for dinners, drinks, and lots of tapas. The Tortilla EspaƱola is so fucking tasty.

None of us were ready to end the night, so we walked to Callooh Callay, hands down one of the coolest cocktail bars I've ever been to. If you love street art along with delicious drinks and music, this is your place. Unfortunately, I didn't have my DSLR handy to take more photos. SHAME.

Callooh Calley

Can't sign off without thanking Winnie for being such a wonderful host. She took a couple of days off from work to ensure that our London visit was a great one. Also, she's co-founder of Antidote Street, an online market for black hair and skin care products.

Next up: Paris.