Gray and Silver

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Oh how I've missed thrifting! For a while, I've felt like my style has been missing something. I couldn't quite pinpoint what that something was...

Avenue Oversized Denim Jacket via Unique Thrift Store
Sole Diva Pointed Loafers

...until earlier this month when I visited my local thrift store. Then it hit me. Duh! Thrifting has been missing in my life. 

Here's a quick tip: Go to a local thrift store to find the latest trends. Why? Because fashion is cyclical and you're bound to find an unique take on a trend for a more affordable price then say at your favorite retail store. I haven't been thrifting in months but the first thing I laid my eyes on when I entered my local thrift store was this oversized grey denim jacket from, of all places, Avenue! I've shopped at Avenue, on and off, for the past couple of years and not once did I ever see a slightly oversized grey denim jacket. That's what thrifting is all about!

Went the monochromatic route by pairing the denim jacket with a grey sweater dress and grey sunglasses. For a bit of contrast, wore some silver loafers. Yes, I'm still very much into the metallics. Can't stop, won't stop *diddy bop*