Holiday Lookbook: Slip Dress + Faux Fur Jacket

It's the holiday season and I'm in a giving mood.  So I'm doing something unprecedented on this blog called Heart Print & Style.

Capsule Cropped Faux Fur Jacket
Premme Slip Dress

I'll be showcasing five holiday inspired looks this week. Monday-Friday. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-effin'-back. 

Wish me luck.

No, but really. That's my intention and I hope to stick to the plan. Let's begin with this fun slip dress (check out the mesh star print double slit!) layered with a navy blue faux fur jacket. I've always been a sucker for navy blue + black combo and glad I was able to achieve it in this look. This outfit is fun, playful, and shows the right amount of skin in the right places. If you want to add a bit more coverage, rock a top under the slip dress like I did here for my birthday a couple of months ago (mine was a sheer sweetheart bodysuit).

Definitely an outfit to ring in the New Year.